The reviewed continuing on-line source called Doktríny

The continuing on-line source called Doktríny (hereinafter referred to as journal) is a professional reviewed non-impact periodical which is intended for publishing contributions of the MoD CR workers, students of military schools and training institutions, interested parties from the civilian public and authors from abroad. For single identification both inland and abroad it has been designated using an international standard serial number (ISSN).

The articles published in the journal provide theoretical information and practical experience. The journal is designed namely for the readers from a number of military unit members of the Army of the Czech Republic and for staff members at all command and control levels. Educators, teachers and students at military educational and training facilities are a significant group of readers. It is open to the broad civilian public through the Internet sites. The contents of the journal are based on originality, topicality and applicability of contributions in practice. 

The journal in electronic format is published periodically, twice a year minimum. It is available in HTML and PDF format.  

Dear Sir/Dear Madam,
We dare to offer you the possibility to publish your contributions in the reviewed continuing on-line source called Doktríny.

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The editorial staff offers you advice and assistance in developing author contributions on request.         

We are looking forward to your contributions as well as your possible queries.

Best regards,
Col. Ing. Petr MARKVART, Ph.D.
Doctrine Section
Training Command – Military Academy
Víta Nejedlého
682 01 Vyškov
Czech Republic 

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+420 724 692 768 (mobile)

Since 2012, when the journal became reviewed, the editorial staff has been offering foreign readers the titles of articles and their annotations in English.
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Issue 2/2012
Issue 1/2013
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